KIDS Rainbow Academy was established in November 2015, By Mrs. Kishani Mathiasz
Woldberhan February 2016 the KIDS Rainbow Academy purchased The Miracle of Learning Day Care established in 1999 by Ms. Margaret A. Tatum and Mrs. Nichole M. Mathis. The new owner Mrs. Kishani Mathiasz brings her 25 years of education and experience in Early Childhood, the Montessori Method of Education, Child Development Associate (CDA), Texas Directors Certificate and an Accounting degree. Mrs. Kishani Mathiasz also owns another Child Care Learning Center Called Kids Rainbow Academy in the city of Midlothian Texas, for the last 3 years providing Quality Child care has accomplished this by receiving Texas Rising Star for
that center and plans to accomplish this at this location in the next year and provide High Quality Child Care Service.


Our Vision here at KIDS Rainbow Academy is a dynamic and exciting learning center. We firmly believe children are one of the most important aspects of our community they are precious and curious individuals needing room to grow and learn. Where we inspire and strive to teach children Kindness, Independence, Diversity and Self Regulation to create the major building blocks as our name implies (KIDS) and the development in children’s social skills, with these skills in place we feel children can “conquer anything”.


Our Mission here at KIDS Rainbow Academy is to provides a High-Quality Learning Center focusing on the Importance of education and well-being of the children. We offer children the opportunity to refine these physical and social skills in a safe, wholesome and caring environment full of exciting, fun and productive activities.


Our philosophy here at KIDS Rainbow Academy is designed to enrich the lives of young children in a structured environment. We believe that each child is an individual, and a gift from God, having ever-changing and complex levels of development. Children are unique and have different needs, interests and abilities. We nurture each child entrusted to us by helping the child develop a sense of worth (of him or herself and others). In planning for each child to reach their fullest potential, we provide a variety of experiences to develop the curiosity, imagination, language skills, and developmental concepts.

Meet the

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Kishani Mathiasz

Kishani Mathiasz-Woldberhan is the founder and chief executive officer of KIDS Early Learning Centers. She found it KIDS Early Learning Centers in 2013 with the purchase of her first Center, Kids Care Center in Midlothian Texas. What started out as a small mom and pop operation, Kishani Mathiasz-Woldberhan quickly transformed into a multi-million-dollar corporation with five locations expanding across the DFW metroplex.

Kishani Mathiasz-Woldberhan is an experienced educator, mentor, and entrepreneur. Driven by her passion for young children, she takes pride in providing the best possible learning experiences for her students and teachers. As a chief executive officer her number one goal is to be a champion for children by advocating for high-quality early care and education to all children throughout the community.

Kishani Mathiasz-Woldberhan’s passion for the children in the community inspired her further developed her career gaining unparalleled experience in early learning space by becoming a member and leading many different educational associations. In 2019 she began serving her term as the president of the Dallas chapter of The Texas Association for the Education of Young Children. Her commitment to advancing high-quality care education let her to establish yourself as a prospective member of many educational organization which include the Association of Early Learning Leaders, Arlington DFW childcare professionals, The National Black child Development Institute and so many more.

As the founder and chief executive officer of KIDS Early Learning Centers, Kishani Mathiasz-Woldberhan is known for wearing many hats. She often oversees the daily managerial operations of each of our centers as well as training and career development for all of her directors and educators. For Kishani Mathiasz-Woldberhan being able to be actively involved and hands-on at each location in her company is the most rewarding part of her role.

In addition to being responsible for guiding the strategic direction and actively leading implementation and her company, Kishani Mathiasz-Woldberhan has been recognized by many educational organizations such as the Texas Association for the education of young children and Educational First Steps for her extraordinary commitment to the early childhood profession.
Before founding KIDS Early Learning Centers, Kishani Mathiasz-Woldberhan’s earlier experiences while residing in Los Angeles, California prepared her for her role at KIDS Early Learning. With her background in Montessori education, she started as a teacher then promoted to a director of a private Montessori school in Los Angeles. In addition, Kishani Mathiasz-Woldberhan’s accounting and financial expertise derived from her time spent as a branch manager for Washington mutual bank; now known as JP Morgan and Chase.

Kishani Mathiasz-Woldberhan built her company on the four building blocks she feels is important to instill in all children. “I want to stive to teach children to be Kind, to be Independent, That the world is Diverse, and how to self-regulate their emotions. With these four skills they have an unlimited array of possibilities to someday change the world.”

Our Staff

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Kishani Mathiasz Woldberhan

Founder/ CEO

Email– kidsrainbowacademy@gmail.com


Jessica Mathiasz

Operations Supervisor

Email– kidsoperationsdirector@gmail.com

Shalanika Mathiasz

Shalanika Mathiasz

Center Director

Email– kidsrainbowacademy@gmail.com

Our Centers

KIDS Care Center

114 S 14th St, Midlothian, TX 76065


972 775 5437

KIDS Humpty Dumpty Academy

1601 E Abram Street Arlington, TX 76010


817 275 8961


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