About US


Our Vision here at KIDS Rainbow Academy is a dynamic and exciting learning center. We firmly believe children are one of the most important aspects of our community they are precious and curious individuals needing room to grow and learn. Where we inspire and strive to teach children Kindness, Independence, Diversity and Self Regulation to create the major building blocks as our name implies (KIDS) and the development in children’s social skills, with these skills in place we feel children can “conquer anything”.


Our Mission here at KIDS Rainbow Academy is to provides a High-Quality Learning Center focusing on the Importance of education and well-being of the children. We offer children the opportunity to refine these physical and social skills in a safe, wholesome and caring environment full of exciting, fun and productive activities.


Our philosophy here at KIDS Rainbow Academy is designed to enrich the lives of young children in a structured environment. We believe that each child is an individual, and a gift from God, having ever-changing and complex levels of development. Children are unique and have different needs, interests and abilities.
We nurture each child entrusted to us by helping the child develop a sense of worth (of him or herself and others). In planning for each child to reach their fullest potential, we provide a variety of experiences to develop the curiosity, imagination, language skills, and developmental concepts. Children are encouraged to think and act independently, yet learn dependence is appropriate. We recognize that every child is different and respect each unique personality.